Corporate Wellness

Organizational wellbeing is a complex arena. Companies nationwide are challenged with finding that very delicate balance of maintaining productivity while ensuring the health and wellbeing of their people. Employees  have access to health care and various health programs, but their utilization and success remain low.

Employees can lack motivation or be easily disappointed if they dont feel the positive effects of a program immediately. Similarly, they may only experience a temporary breakthrough that does not help address the deeply rooted habits that result in the recurrence of a health issue.

The critical but often missing component of traditional health programs is the conversion of goals into reasonable and effective actions.

Additionally, programs often lack the ability to impart transformational change in participants as they tend to stay close to their internal, historical programming.

In my program, I focus on facilitating lasting and transformational change by providing tools and an accountability structure that allows the participant to be an observer of their situation and shift their experience.  It’s a focus of letting go of the old habits and imparting new, long-lasting healthy habits and beliefs while setting up the conditions for success.

Wellbeing coaching is an invaluable tool in positively contributing to organizational productivity and providing employees with an opportunity to be engaged in the support of their own health.

Wellbeing coaching can help increase motivation and realize healthy outcomes by:

  • Helping to bridge the gap between patients and health providers in follow-through of health recommendations
  • Increasing employee attention to preventative care with a focus on eating, sleeping, movement etc.
  • Improving and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle and healthy behaviours
  • Helping employees set and achieve wellbeing goals
  • Helping to inspire employees in making better choices in support of their wellbeing goals
  • Promoting and facilitating growth and wellbeing
  • Assisting in uncovering the root cause of stress

An organizational wellbeing program can be customized to your company’s needs while providing a personalized, high touch and effective service. I offer the flexibility to work virtually with employees at their convenience and will meet them where they are in their health journey to create an approach that best meets their needs.  The programs are adaptable, flexible and are in the form of either workshops, lunch and learn sessions, individual or group coaching programs.

I would be happy to discuss your organizational needs and determine how coaching can support your health and wellbeing strategy.

Please email me directly using the link below, or call me at 416-985-8074.

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